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About SteamboatStuff.com

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Steamboat Stuff is a Local online classifieds you can use to buy & sell local stuff fast, free, and secure. Use this site to freely advertise the stuff you want to sell along with the opportunity to help a local cause of your choice.

SteamboatStuff.com offers an opportunity to pledge a portion of your sale to a non-profit organization you’d like to help. Since our service is free, we hope you consider making a charitable donation from the proceeds of your sale.

Charitable pledges are handled on the honor system (yep… we tend to trust folks around here). Once you sell your item we’ll provide the resources to help you get your pledge to the right people.

Free, easy, and effective. ENJOY!

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** Price of a comparable online ad as of 03/30/14. Based on 7 day “web only” ad package with 6 photos.


So why are we doing this? Simply stated, our goal is to: “Make people’s lives better by creating a marketplace of opportunity and connections.”

We’ve seen an overwhelming frustration with the current solutions for selling stuff in Routt County. Typical classified ads are either too expensive or too broad to be effective and other free solutions like Craigslist don’t represent the Steamboat area well at all.

Steamboat Stuff was born as a solution to the problem of “I’ve got all this stuff in my garage with no great way to sell it.” Rather than join the choir and sing our woes we figured we’d be the ones to do something about it.

Then came the idea of using this platform to not only help people sell their stuff, but to benefit local non-profit organizations as well. That’s why we make it easy for you to pledge a percentage of your sale to the area non-profit you care most deeply about. We see this working on three levels:

  • You get a free listing with absolutely no risk to advertise and sell your stuff locally.
  • You sell your stuff and earn some extra cash for the things you no longer need. And the buyer gets some cool, new-to-them stuff.
  • You donate a percentage of the sale to a local charity so they can do great things in our community. Whatever amount you decide.


About the Founders:

Jay O'Hare Steamboat Springs

Jay O’Hare

Jay O’Hare is a Marketing Technologist living in Steamboat Springs, CO. His experience includes work with iXL & Agency.com, and he’s been a part of 9 start-up businesses. Most recently Jay has been the principal consultant for Altera Marketing Group. In his spare time Jay organized and started Ignite Steamboat and is on various boards in Steamboat. You can follow him on twitter here.
David Wittlinger Steamboat Springs

David Wittlinger

David Wittlinger is the founder of Colomark Media. David has done consulting work for area non-profit organizations such as Partners in Routt County, Routt County Youth Services Coalition, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council, Yampa Valley Land Trust, and the NW Colorado Visiting Nurse Association. David’s membership in the Steamboat Springs Rotary Club keeps community service top-of-mind.